Al-Aragoz Always Wins!

Video Narrative by: Nasseif Azmy


It was back to the 1970s when Nassif Azmy, a puppeteer, a producer and a founder of Al-Kousha for Puppets, finally escaped the patriarchal control and left to France. Instantly, he started to study theater, a field that he dreamed of since his early age through his engagement in school and university theaters. As a self-taught fabricator, light engineer, sceneographer and producer, he joined well-established theater companies led big names in the theater world such as Victor Garcia and Boushkin.

The artist from the developed world has to be like a serpent, and use the puppet, this insight shared by his professor Peter Prou after his visit his to the Argentina, lit the spark in the young Nassif.

And since he started to explore, play and use the puppet in his work as a source of inspiration and interaction with the world. From big productions to street arts he toured Europe. His Arabic and Egyptian roots and culture, pushed him to become the first and only puppeteer who produce plays in France in Arabic language, using the universal language of art as a mean of expression and communication. Nassif personal journey from an artist, and producer in France took him back to Egypt where he established Al Kousha group in Fayoum. The political circumstances of Egypt back in the time to the revolution and the post revolution and the current, had affected greatly the work of Nassif through the year, and how he respond to the external world as an artist.

Through this video, he shares the challenges, inquiries and successes in his pumpy road, and his response to the reality of the public political realm. And who is better than our reckless victorious Aragoz with his sharp tongue to reveal for us the unspoken truth and to dance with the realities.

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