Café Umm Aatiyeh and the City without a Theatre

Audio Narrative by: Aliaa El Gready, Hosni El Mokhles, Abdel Rahman El Taliawi, and Maher Sherif


Amid the towers of iron and glass of an imaginary city, lies a café on a square, a shelter for the arts, where street performance brews and spills out into the public space, shifting structures of power, tradition, and money. It’s the place where the wisdom of a crazy old woman in a public square shatters presuppositions about traditional performance forms and free access to storytelling. It’s the place where the oppressors of public art – the state, religious ideology – fall head over heels for the very performances they had sought to forbid.

Narrated by a quartet of entrancing storytellers, this is a tale of an imaginary city without a theatre, a city where street performance inverts the economic and political structures, questioning the transactions – of currency, of authority – between artists and their communities.

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