Moving Intentions: Embracing the Unpredictable

A Song by: Salam Yousry, Atef Hemdani, Tania Khoury and Sahar Qwaseimi



Three stories in one song with lyrics reconsidering the necessity of constantly repositioning oneself and revisiting one’s intentions in relation to the outer context.


Tomorrow is a mysterious riddle – listen to the words and open your imagination.

It is a story of a street theatre project spanning more than a year in a small village in Upper Egypt. A commitment is a commitment no matter how conditions change and contingencies appear. How will the artist proceed?

It is the story of a popular awakening in Tunisia. Inter-generational communities reveal the Amazigh (The Free Person) connect to each other again and transmit their forgotten past. How was that achieved?

It is a story about “Khesh el-Hamam” where lighten pigeons’ floc fly back and forth from Palestinian camps blurring the meanings of borders and crossing limits between land and sky. What did the Israeli settlers see?

Sang and narrated by three artists, this tale voices different encounters characterized by a meaningful collective transformation. It unfolds in a melodic journey towards embracing the unpredictability of the outside world and accepting to be altered by it. It expresses how planned intentions when working in the public space necessarily change along the way, but above all, how this shift of intentions is inherent to the creative process and to the specific context where and when it takes place.

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