Nawaya: Collective Drawing

Collective Drawing by: Salam Yousry, Atef Hemdani, Tania Khoury, and Sahar Qwaseimi


How to define our intentions as artists in relation to the context?


Once upon a time, there was a character named Nawaya – literally ‘intentions’ in Arabic. Like a chameleon with wings, while wandering in public spaces, Nawaya often mutated going through constant metamorphosis along the way.

Nawaya evolved outside conventional models, in unusual spaces and peripheries.

Nawaya wanted to re-appropriate the space including the sky.

Nawaya tried to break social patterns and question stated realities.

Nawaya dreamed of writing different (hi)stories.

Nawaya revealed alternative narratives.

Nawaya kept on challenging himself and his fears, stepping outside comfort zones to keep on discovering and learning from the encounters with others.

Co-drew by 8 hands, this is the tale of a phantasmagoric character endowed with a quarto-ocular vision who keeps on remolding his intentions by considering the unforeseeable challenges of the outer context as opportunities for ongoing transformation rather than stagnation.


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