Street Puppets Play Politics

Video Interview with: Nassif Azmy – Puppeteer, producer and founder of Al Kousha for Puppets.

Street Puppetry is a form of art that “comes to the people in their environment”, explains Nassif Azmy. An itinerant art that is addressed to others and that takes place in public spaces is inherently political. Puppetry, as a metaphor to manipulation, becomes a mean to deal indirectly with politics.

In this interview, Azmy witnesses how the evolving restrictive political context strongly impacts and transforms his work in the public space. He recalls the tale of “We Will Disassemble It” when he supported a group of youth fabricate 4 giants puppets representing military figures to parade in 2012 in Tahrir Square in celebration of the revolution. Despite their silence, the puppets said a lot. It was a clearly subversive act received with enthusiasm that sheds the light on a critical shifting moment in Egypt history when the public space was flooded with artistic creativity before it soon closed back again.

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