Towards More Solidarity: Identifying Commonalities

Video interview with: Claudine Dussolier and Jean Sebastien Steil


Drawing on their long experience as researchers in art in public spaces in France, Claudine Dussolier and Jean Sebastien Steil share their knowledge and reflect on possible future steps to efficiently strengthen this sector and face ongoing and emerging difficulties.


Dussolier and Steil point out the importance of accepting the diversity while identifying the common competencies and difficulties in relation to public authorities and freedom to progressively empower the public art sector. Collective organization and networking are key factors for the constitution and growth of sustainable movement out of aesthetically diverse and isolated initiatives. Being united does not reduce singularities but rather generates solidarity in facing common challenges in one country as well as transversally among neighboring countries.

In the last years, the number of artists working in the public space in some Arab countries has clearly increased and there is an obvious accumulation and ongoing production of field know-how and expertise in this sector. The systematic identification of those specific skills, implementation of trainings for intergenerational transmission of the tools, and the creation of a network seem to be the foreseen phases for structuring and strengthening the sector.

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