We are Parasites!

Video Narrative by: Salam Yousry


Swimming through all the currents of classifications and labels that the artists have to wear to represent themselves and their art, Salam Yousry, Cairo-based,multi-disciplinary artist and director finds that the most challenging would be situating himself within these communities and spaces he works in. “Yes we have to admit that we, as artists, are parasites to the spaces and the communities where we perform!”, said the thirty five years old artist.

He raised all these questions and more, based on the latest intervention he organized in the public space with Banorama Barsha, a local community theater group formed in Malawi, small village in the Upper Egypt. He was askedas a theater professional trainer to lead the production and the interaction withthe space and the local community which he was not familiar with.Committed to the promise that he couldn’t escape, he had to travel to the south and make himself open to the experience that made him face his own fears, to interact and to place himself in this new local community.

Salam shares a very honest and reflective overview of his practice, identity andhis complex relationship with the space.

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